To be the best version of yourself, you must heal from the past. It will be challenging, but with your will you can overcome such trauma.

Healing from Past Trauma

Healing, takes time – sometimes, more time than you can imagine. There are little words that can ease the pain of past trauma. Because the pain began with words to begin with; trusting in what people were telling us was the truth. Once you actually realize the actual truth, it’s often too late – Now you’re hurt, damaged, and scarred. Sometimes, for life, as the trauma is too daunting to overcome. To be honest, there is no tutorial that can be given to you in your road to healing from trauma. However, maybe we can discover ways together to help you find some sort of peace.

Let the Past Be

In reality, what happened in the past cannot be reversed back or changed. This does not mean what happened to you, was deserving. It’s unfortunate, but true, that good people go through some bad things in life. Bad people treat good people in the worst of ways. Mentally, unable to reverse the past may be arduous to grasp, but to heal you must accept this actuality.

Build a Peace Circle

Happiness is within your reach, just don’t look back. You have the power to grow from the past and become your best and happiest self. You tell life what makes you happy and you implement those things in and around your peace circle. In this peace circle, you do the things that you love to do, whether its hiking or coaching choreography. In this peace circle, you only allow people in your life with the same energy and intentions as you. It’s true, happiness begins with you – set the standard for the life you desire.

Bring Love With You

As you become stronger and happier, bring love with you. That heart and soul you have shouldn’t be interchangeable, as it’s who you are. Just because bad things happened to you, doesn’t mean you ought to become a bad person. Like mentioned before, building your peace circle ensures that you are around people that love and care about you. Love doesn’t cost a thing, unless it’s truly not love. Even when our is heart is broken, it’s still an potent piece of self.

Help Is Okay

Sometimes the past hurts us, while other times it angers us – or both. Either way, let those that love and care for you be there in this time of healing. Unexpectedly, you may come across a companion that is still trying to heal too. They understand how you feel. They understand your headspace. Help is okay, because you know you need it. Being comforted is okay, because you know you yearn for it.

Pray for Strength

Regardless of your religion or spiritual belief, pray for strength. At times, this can help fight the demons that will destroy you in anger. Other times, praying can give you the uplift to take each day at a time and give yourself the best chance at healing.

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