Life is so indifferent, than it often feels like a romantic, comedy and scary movie altogether. Through the diversity of life, the most one can do is be real about themselves and the people they twiddle with. At this point in life, I believe there’s five things that are potent to realize in life.

5 Things You Should Realize, Article, by Keandre Curry


5 Things You Should Realize

5. Words Lie, Actions Don’t

Just when you think you’ve found a lover that you can trust… something’s just not right. They tell you how beautiful you are, only to treat you like you’re hideous. They speak of dates on the beach and always being there for you – through thick and thin. Yet, when you express frustration, disappointment, or uneasiness about them – or the relationship (in anyway) – they become defensive. Now they want a break in the relationship. Now they feel you are accusing them of something you are doing. All that’s bullshit right? As stinky as this sounds, words can sometimes be lies, but actions never are.

4. Failures Make You A Winner

Even after your four evictions, three marriages, two jobs changes in two weeks, your failures can still make you a winner. That is, if you use the embarrassment and hardship as lessons. There are people in life that fail, because they’ll rather have no responsibility than any at all. Then there’s people that fail, trying, to be somebody. Trying to take care of themselves and their families. Trying to get an college education. Trying not to go home every night smelling like potatoes and grease. Know this: Most successful and famous people grew up in unprivileged families. They had to crawl to get to where they are today. Even when the crawl seems long, don’t turn back.

3. Love Is For You, Or It’s Not

Hey bro, stop playing with these women that you know deserve better than you. Sometimes, a woman may entail that kind of beauty that extends internally.

Hey sis, stop playing with these guys whom you know just want to smell your lingerie. Sometimes, the best looking guy isn’t all that’s he advertised to be.

Hey yawl it’s time to realize what you want in life and what you do not. Love comes easy for some rather than others. Sometimes, it takes several failed relationships for us to realize how to love someone or how to accept love. All this said, know your intentions and your mind space. If you want a relationship but feel that everybody cheats, then likely you should stay single. There are many faithful people, that even in the darkest of time, will never cheat on their partner. If love is for you, let it find you. If love is not for you, always respect the power of friendships.

2. True Friends are Friends Forever

Age is just a number, so true friendships don’t ever yearn. Even with the imperfections of a friendship, there is perseverance. Fake friends are your friends during the times of convenience and likeliness. Fake friends always want to borrow from you, but never let you borrow back. Fake friends don’t protect your back when you’re blindsided. Fake friends don’t even care if you’re okay. The list of what a fake friend is exhaustive, but the point is potent for you to understand: Friends are true. They are true from day in and day out, even if that day started 20 years ago.

1. You Define Your Own Success

The definition of success is defined by… You. Grab you a sticky note and write in one sentence, or one word what success means to you. To me, success is measured through a growing legacy of bettering and empowering people; Through creative and digital media and advocacy ventures. For you, success can be anything – big or small, small or big. When you reach that success, discover a new challenge, and reach for the highest of skies. In diligent time, you will have substantial success – greater than you would have ever imagined.

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