Thank You God for 27 Years of Life

Author Keandre turned 27 years old, today on January 4th, 2022.

Today, theres only two words to describe: Grace and Joy. I have grace for my calling that so few have been given — to live and see another minute, another day, another year. I’m in joy knowing there’s more to self than what you experience in life — Its tough, either way. When you need him, God is there. When you need him the most, God is there. At 27, I aspire to master my excellence. To fight what I know is destined for me. For the vision that I’ve made my way of life. It took 27 years for me to say this, to admit this, but im nothing with you — God. In closure, thank you in sincerity and praise to my family, friends, and supporters. You are my rock, that I will always keep in a special place. It’s a celebration… Happy Birthday to me 🎁‼️

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