Here on Earth, we’re hurt that you were one stop sign from your house. We’re hurt that we can no longer laugh at you or laugh with you — you were a man of character! We’re hurt that we had to say goodbye. This hurts, but I believe and trust in God — he will see me through with his strength and power, as there is nothing he cannot do. I shall ask him, for greater strength, when my own has weakened. The tears I cried were tears of peace. I handled this like a man, in the best way I knew. Now, my dad can rest in peace. Much love from your eldest!

From my family and I, we send our high appreciation and love to the US Veterans Affairs, Funerals by T.S. Warden, Hall’s Funeral Home, Lomax Hannon Junior College, HeavyHitter Clubhouse, Couples on the Move, Hickory Grove Missionary Baptist Church/Usher Board, Rev. Dr. Donnie R Lee, Rev. Donald R. Colley Jr, Second Baptist Church, Olive Branch Missionary Baptist Church, Long Creek Missionary Baptist Church, Georgiana Class of 1969, Charles Sr & Yvonne Curry, all my family’s friends, and to anyone who I may have missed — thank you too!

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