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Live Life, Despite.

That’s right, live life, despite all its challenges. So often, life will make you regret your decisions. So often, life will give you doubts because you could’ve did this, or you could’ve did that. This is what life does… makes you second guess everything you do, in fear of possible consequences. Whether you choose to … Continue reading “Live Life, Despite.”

The Negative Effects of Toxic Positivity

The negative effects of toxic positivity are ample, therefore it’s important to be actual about negativity. As, toxic positivity is the obsession of positive thinking. Although, positive thinking is important in certain aspects of one’s life, it’s not okay to be delusional about the reality of negativity. Here’s why: TOXIC POSITIVITY ISN’T ALL GOOD VIBES … Continue reading “The Negative Effects of Toxic Positivity”

The Best Questions to Get to Know Someone on a Deep Level

In reality, asking 21 questions is too much. It’s best to get to the questions that matter. I came up with a few questions, that are deeper than we expect. WHAT MOTIVATES YOU EVERYDAY? What motivates them everyday is important, because it provides insight into the significant people, pets, or things in someone’s life. This … Continue reading “The Best Questions to Get to Know Someone on a Deep Level”