Take America Back, Corona is Real, Upgrade Your Playlist

This post covers the political consequences of electing Donald Trump as President of the US, how serious the Coronavirus is, and how new music is connecting us while we quarantine. Take America Back (From Trump) Elected in 2016 as U.S President, Donald Trump has caused headaches for the people that voted for him. Arrogant inContinue reading “Take America Back, Corona is Real, Upgrade Your Playlist”

How to Achieve Your Goals

Step 1: Know What Your Goals Are The SMART acronym is a process for setting goals, which were defined by Paul J. Meyer. Each letter in the process represents a characteristic. The “S” implies for you to set a specific (simple, significant, sensible) goal.  ​Example: To finish my biology essay before Friday.  Step 2: SetContinue reading “How to Achieve Your Goals”