Beyond the Worst

In present time, African-American and Minority communities are forsaken. Their welfare in economy, education and health are shunned by those with privilege and power. Lincoln City, is Illinois’ worst place. Influenced by offensive graffiti, pretty drug dealers, and dirty money, the hustle was on. As families were splintered by incarceration, young people began to quest for ways to survive. Foreseeing the trend, successful lawyer Josie Conrad, came back to help his suffocated hometown. Fulfilling his promise to his grandmother, he helped Lincoln City revitalize its identity. As, unprivileged and forgotten, the citizenry refused to suffer at the expense of their own kind. Instead of complaining, or caving to criticism, the worst soon became present day. Through frustration by society’s bias and ignorance, the citizenry united to prosper. Together, they discovered what’s beyond the worst of life.

  • Format: Paperback
  • List Price: 2.99-11.99
  • Genre: Urban Fiction, African American
  • Pages: 90