Keandre Curry is a powerful author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. 

Hi, I’m Keandre’ Curry

Afar thirty miles from his hometown Georgiana, Keandre’ Curry was born in Andalusia, Alabama, on January 4th, 1995. Raised in a military home, he moved from Norfolk, Virginia to Great Lakes, Illinois. There in “The Quarterdeck of the Navy,” he started a grassroots charity to stop crime in the year 2005. Through the charity’s online website, he educated thousands of people and promoted resources for the families of crime victims.  
Two years later, in the summer of 2007, Keandre’ moved to his current residence in Jacksonville, Florida. Experiencing myriad changes in his life, he began to write daily. Keandre’s artistic passion aspired him to write short stories and poems about life challenges, family, and self-discovery. Still ambitious, in eighth grade, he joined the soccer team at Mayport Middle School. Although, callow in the sport, Keandre’ was credited to be the Offensive Player of the Year. That spring of 2009, he contributed on the men’s track team in sprints, relay races, and the long jump.
Competitive as he were in sports, he received continuous academic awards for A-B Honor Roll. In fact, Keandre’ taught character lessons to his peers, during an after-school program. Only 14-years-old, he discovered wisdom was his craft. As he progressed through high school, social politics advanced him to Class President. From Freshmen year to Junior year, Keandre’ ran potent campaigns to be face of his class, at Fletcher High School.
No doubt, he was surprised at his ability to empower people; to believe in his message.
After years of educational success, in 2011, Keandre’ begin writing liberal articles for the concluded Morning Eyes Magazine; in which was an online Florida-based publication delivering personal viewpoints and information on top stories, entertainment, politics and other news. He also held transitory writing roles at, and the Yahoo! Contributor Network in the same time span. Not to mention, in 2012, Keandre’ published a sex educational article for Rutgers University.
Only 18-years-old, his roots continued to grow. In 2013, Keandre’ graduated from First Coast High School, with French Honors.
Afterward, in April of 2015, the intellect launched his online radio platform, Keandre Curry Radio. The flagship program for the network, “Good Talk,” included multi-cultural music from aspiring artists from across the United States. More so, the show discussed social issues; from marriage equality to self-power.  
All things considered, Keandre Curry’s ambitions in life all entail to empower people; to believe in themselves. His newly released fiction book, “Beyond the Worst”, emphasizes that a small-town boy can accomplish big things.