Take America Back, Corona is Real, Upgrade Your Playlist

This post covers the political consequences of electing Donald Trump as President of the US, how serious the Coronavirus is, and how new music is connecting us while we quarantine. Take America Back (From Trump) Elected in 2016 as U.S President, Donald Trump has caused headaches for the people that voted for him. Arrogant inContinue reading “Take America Back, Corona is Real, Upgrade Your Playlist”

Learn Your Sexuality

A. Sexuality is Confusing Being sexually confused can be frustrating, but you aren’t alone. At this point in your life, you want answers to explain your sexual feelings. These feelings could be for men, women, or both (which may be confusing to you). Although you are confused, do not think that these feelings are wrong.Continue reading “Learn Your Sexuality”

How to Forgive

A: Sometimes People Hurt Us Feeling hurt by someone that you love and care for is painful. Most words cannot describe how angry you are, but it’s time to move on. The pain that you’ve faced in your life, are experiences that you don’t want to repeat. Think of this predicament as one that youContinue reading “How to Forgive”

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Hi, I’m Keandre’. I’m an artist at heart, I love music, creative writing and dancing. The color blue is the greatest color ever. I feel that I suck at writing these short bios, so I’ll end there!

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