Keandre sends letter to Governors to enact diverse policies.

In Keandre Curry’s advocacy efforts for equality in economic policies, the motivational king sent an action letter to all governors in the United States and its territories. The letter emphasizes the importance of establishing and implementing diverse and solid policies locally and federally. To Keandre’, the letter is important to struggling people and their families, […]

Self-Help Tips for 2021

As you start your new journey, in this new year, challenge yourself to do things differently. Here’s a few tips from Author Keandre’ to help jumpstart your year! Bend, but Don’t Break Living through an pandemic is uncomfortable because there’s uncertainty in the economy. There’s investments to worry about, debt that’s growing, and income that’s […]

Press Kit 2021

Keandre’ Curry is a powerful author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. Nicknamed, the “Motivational King”, Keandre’ has promoted positivity living to everyone he could reach. Now, at the age of 26, Keandre’ is a rising public figure with a brand of powerful literature and speeches. His dream is to be the leader of inspiration. That journey […]

About Me

Hi, I’m Keandre’. I’m an artist at heart, I love music, creative writing and dancing. The color blue is the greatest color ever. I feel that I suck at writing these short bios, so I’ll end there!

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