Brands & Philosophy

Set by the foundation of influencing the best in people, the Keandre Curry brand is the powerhouse of inspiration. From the charity he started to prevent crime to his self-help books, Keandre Curry connects with universal bases. It’s his mission to empower others to live in positivity and push for their dreams. By empowering positivity, it’s his belief that people can be the best person that they can be; in all phases of their life. As perfection isn’t expected, Keandre’ emphasizes that self-growth is mainly won through a person’s positive mind and spirit. 

Prospectively, any dream can be accomplished. Maybe not today, but through positive mind and spiritual-being, any day could be the reality of a dream. At Keandre Curry Brands & Companies, we want people to prosper in all phases of their life. Please take a look through the branch of Keandre Curry Brands, because we’re help to influence the best in you. 

Powerful Principles

Happiness is Staying Power

Happiness can arise from various components in your life, but if it one thing is true: happiness livens you. Through happiness, the chance to have love, be successful and experience new journeys is possible. Yes, part of growth is about moving forward from past struggles, however growth does not guarantee you happiness. However, living life with no regret and admiration does. Ask a celebrity if they’re happy, and they might say no. Why? They assumed that money would make them happy; That power would make them happy. Admiring life is what excels happiness the most, because it livens you.

Growth is Unconditional

Consider growth as moving forward (from where you are now). Through growth, you can experience success in all aspects of your life. How? Growth enables you to be confident of yourself, understanding of adversity and truthful of your mistakes. Confidence helps you believe in the things you do, such as take risks. Adversity is variable and understanding that best prepares you to be ready, for any roadblock. And being truthful of your mistakes advance your personal growth because you acknowledge that you’re not perfect. Regardless, of how it’s transpired, growth moves you forward. 

Risk is Reward

Goals are vital. Not only do goals pinpoint what you aim to accomplish—in your life or career—but represent who you aspire to be. Goals represent your ambition to be a better person, achieve things in life or better said, move forward. Setting goals is not only a sign that you want to be successful, but that you will be successful. It’s fair to say that goals represent you in a number of vital ways: You are ambitious, You are determined, and that You are a winner. As you move forward, so will your ambitions. Risk, for reward.