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No Tomorrow

Her sex game was deadly.

In this 7-page thriller, all a woman aimed to do was please her man, orally. However, things ended deadly.

Let Me Breathe

Injustice deserves a voice.

A 7-page E-book that shares the story of a young black, begging officers to let him breathe. Injustice deserves a voice in media, literature, and politics. Let Me Breathe, is a voice.

Earn Your Love

Show me, what’s true.

Love is deep affection with deep effects. Through its complexity, love entails feelings of intense happiness, fulfillment, pain, and regret. In happiness, love comprise us with an intensity of positive energy. In fulfillment, love propel us to feel valuable. In pain, love humbles our body, mind and spirit. In regret, love teaches us vulnerability is the ultimate teacher of reality.

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