Measure Your Relationship

Sometimes, we’re in love with the wrong people in our most vulnerable times. There are ways to measure if your relationship is worth fighting for or not. Whether a person is worth the continued effort from you. In the end, one must make the best decision that gives them happiness in the long-term.

Measure Your Relationship

At this point, your relationship is at ropes ends. Whether you’re in an draining marriage, or newly acquired relationship; when the love is lost it’s challenging to recover from the pain that this frustrating time has caused. However, all may not be lost. 

Fight for each other, with each other. 

Identify the Problems

Identifying the problem(s) within your relationship isn’t the same as identifying who is the problem. Sit down with your partner, or a professional or confidant and pinpoint the aches that’s causing the separation and tension. 

Individually, the imperfections of one is what truly attracts one another. Embrace each other, work with each other, build together. 

Identify the Solutions

Now that the problem(s) have been pinpointed, what changes will be made by you? By your partner? More so, how will you and your partner isolate outside factors from your relationship? Simply, everyone in the relationship is responsible to fulfill their part. Just like when the relationship started, you both need to once again be ALL IN. If not, agree to be friends or move forward without each other. 

Make a Decision

When two partners are all in for each other, any relationship (regardless of how damage it is) can be fixed. Therefore, its prudent that you learn from each person that you date; the good and the bad. Individually, we aren’t perfect and many times when we date people they show us we aren’t. Learning from our flaws, helps us appropriately build caution about our internal self. Given said, sometimes we meet people that show us we deserve better. So, if nothing less, learn from this relationship so the next one can possibly excel. Prior to reading this article, you likely have already made a decision. It’s for the best.

How to Overcome Doubts

Overcoming doubt is key to making tough decisions and having confidence in those decisions.

Doubts Are Normal

To doubt is to be concerned about the status or outcome of a situation. Currently, you may be having concerns about your friendship or relationship, or the stability of your health. Also, it could be something else, like your job or overcoming legal battles. Even said, regardless if it’s big or small, let’s identify and resolve doubts that you have in your situation. 

Nothing is Easy

Talk with a friend or write on a piece of paper what you’re doubtful about and why.  Also write solutions to any challenges you may come across, so you’ll be ready for the worst case scenarios.

Example: I’m doubtful that I can lose weight, because of my genetics. I can overcome this by changing my diet to vegan.

Recollect and Recover

Before the resolve for your doubt can be apprehended, let’s consider how long this doubt has bothered you. If this doubt occurred: 

  • Recently: Pinpoint the situation that put you in this predicament. Is there something that you can do to fix the situation? Are you able to commit to change for the better of this situation? 
  • Over 1 year: Pinpoint the reason(s) that allowed you to let the doubt continue for so long. Did you put in effort? Did your effort work? Are you afraid to lose your life or foundation? 

Now, think: are the reasons you pinpointed worth any doubt? Most likely they are. There is reasoning beyond doubt, in which you should not ignore. Emotionally, ending relationships/marriages, friendships, business ventures, or other situations that you put effort into is difficult. However, you must not allow hope to mislead you. Recollect on the pros and cons of the situation, if you don’t see yourself recovering from the situation, that’s a sign its time to put an end to it now. This is true because when you are in a good situation, it’s a no-brainer to stay put.

Put Your Solutions in Actions

The resolve for your situation may differ from others, however based on the above advice consider what works best for you.

 Empower your best effort; or 

  • Life isn’t perfect, neither are people. Thus, if your belief overpowers your doubts, put your best efforts into the situation. This is the best choice to make, when you know you can give better effort than before. Sometimes, situations we’re in aren’t working because we aren’t giving our wholeness. As a result, our situation is on ropes, because we aren’t pulling our end. Level up and do what you should be doing.

End it for the better 

  • You’ve given your best effort into the situation, but there is no signs of positive, or consistent progress? Then, end it for the better. Emotionally, this is a tough choice to make, but long-term it will make sense. Just because you give up, doesn’t mean you’re wrong for it. As, some situations will destroy us the longer we entertain them.

Find, then Use Your Strengths

Find, then use your strengths to reach your highest potential in your life. You are most competitive, when you are playing from your own hand.

Find Your Strength

You may be asking what does, “Find your strength” mean… well it’s complicated (I’m kidding!). Find your strength means to find your competitive edge. Find what you do better than anyone else. Find what makes you unique than others. It could be your multiple degrees, your vision, your choreography, your wisdom–or whatever it may be! In purpose, use your talents to level up in life. Don’t complain about how life is now, because you have the talents to excel in life. You have the talent to win more in life. You have the strength to be you.

Network with Others

Networking can be intimating to some, because of the fear of denial. In which is understandable to a degree, but let’s not make any excuses. Denial will be associated with our life in some portion, so let’s not run from not having our way. Use people’s (fair) criticism of you to improve your craft. When we network, we learn new ideas and perceptions. More so, we learn how close we are to reaching our dreams. Although, networking is core to growing fans, don’t count on people who aren’t supportive. Promote your brand to people who believe in what you’re doing– I had to learn this, because negativity is just another distraction. Stay focused on your brand, through the support of supporting people.

Use Your Strengths

You know your strength better than I, or anyone else does. What I can guide you to do, is implement your strengths into everything you do. For example: 

  • List all of your accomplishments, events, awards, into a timeline or resume. 
  • Promote your strengths/talents on social media networks. 
  • Inspire people by touching them through your talents.
  • Use your strengths to find your destiny.
Don’t Give Up

Your unparalleled success is important to me. I want you to achieve all of your goals and dreams, and for you to be great. Success isn’t always about numbers, but how you perceive your own success. In truth, you are unique and must not hide from being so. Embrace the strengths that you have and be happy while doing it. Sometimes, you will be confused or trapped in one place. That’s frustrating to not be making in progress in life, but remember there are levels to success. Continue to push and your strengths will place you into the spotlight. 

Discover Your Faith

Faith for some people, is a debate. In reality, it shouldn’t be. Faith should be about individual preference of how they intend to live their life. Their faith, however, shouldn’t be expected upon others.

Understand what Faith is

When the word ‘Faith’ comes up, the strong belief in God comes to mind. More so, faith can be the complete trust or confidence in someone or something. With faith, you’re entrusting in a spiritual feeling that the end result will be in your favor. 

Have faith, others will too. 

Be Firm About Your Faith

Your faith is what you believe in and it signifies what you value. Although, there will be people of various faith who don’t understand your views, hold firm in what you value. More so, hold firm onto your belief in the faith you practice and praise.

Care to Share

Awareness is what creates knowledge. Sharing and promoting your faith are two different processes, so try not to overwhelm your faith onto other people. Talk to them of why you believe in what you do. Usually, the end result is that you helped opened their eyes to new perspective. 

Be Open-minded

It’s easy to become complacent in your beliefs, but don’t forget to evolve for the best of interest. Sometimes, what you believe in is discriminative, unrealistic, or even biased. Rule of thumb is: If it hurts, it’s not right. In short this means, let your beliefs excel rather than hinder you. As life is unexpected at times, it’s okay to understand and adjust to new ways of thinking and action (beyond your faith).

Embrace Your Race

The Black Lives Movement (BLM) shines light on the racist treatment towards black people and income disparity, but more so that America still has long ways to succeed in equality. Race is key to embracing who you are culturally; but in the end we all share a common heartbeat.

A. Race shouldn’t be a factor, but it is

It’s been a common factor that race/color has been a way used to identify you, and I. From emoji’s being designed to reflect different skin colors, to race questions on government applications, race will always follow us. 

Regardless of skin color, we all deserve equality. 

B. The U.S Census recognizes you

The U.S. Census Bureau, which keeps track of the U.S. population, classifies individuals through the following races: White, Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. If you’re unsure how to classify, track your genes or ask an older relative–they will answer rightfully for you. 

However you classify yourself, the U.S. Census will recognize you as such!

C. Despite color, we should all be equal

There is history, in all races. Some races had to overcome days of slavery and poverty, while other races had their own struggles too. It’s important to visit your nearest library and use (reliable) online sources, to learn about the history of different cultures, religions, and races. In the end, the difference among the race are privilege. In the end, we should all be classified equal. 

D. Keep belief in King’s Dream

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
– Martin Luther King Jr. 

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How to Say ‘Sorry’

Apologizes don’t always go as planned, because it wasn’t a good (or sincere) apology. There are better ways to say ‘sorry’, learn how!

A. Understand that apologizes are important

Apologizes are meaningful and effective, only if they are done with sincere regret and empathy. Apologizes are meaningful, because they give the person you hurt the opportunity to move on. More so, apologizes are effective, because they can deescalate a very bad situation. Whether intentional or not, your wrongdoing have consequences and side effects. To be clear, to apologize is not about you, but the person that you’ve hurt. 

B. Choose the best timing for apologizes

There is no better time to apologize, than the right time to apologize. Sometimes, identifying when the best time to apologize can be challenging, however do it before its too late. 

  1. Think about what you did wrong. 
  2. Think about your selfishness. 
  3. Think about how you would feel if you were in their shoes. 
  4. Think about how you’re going to say sorry. 

We’re all potent to making mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we’re exempt from giving apologizes. 

C. Practice the apology

Arranging the apology is the most strategic task at hand. The person that you hurt is boiling hot water and want to fight you at any chance–which is understandable. Be respectful of their feelings, and be mindful why they’re upset with you. 

Give them time, however advise them that you would like to apologize face-to-face. Please, take into consideration the following example: 

  • Hey [PERSON] I know you’re upset with me, and I understand. Whenever you’re free, I’ll like to apologize. Let me know. 

The above example had a soft approach; showing empathy and understanding. Now, preview a bad example of arranging an apology: 

  • I know you’re mad at me and I want to say sorry. 

That was an awful apology because it makes an excuse to say sorry, instead of showing regret of the situation. Put yourself in their shoes, and be careful what you say and how you say it.

D. Apologize

This step is about you being regretful and showing empathy for your wrongdoing. This is not about you trying to make amends, but you doing the right thing. Being face-to-face to someone that is upset may be uncomfortable, however actions do have consequences. 

In reality, some consequences are good, others are not. 

E. Learn from this

This is potent because hurting people through selfishness and ego is unjust. Truth is, you’re better than the harm you enact on others. Like our great grandma would say, “Treat others how you want to be treated.”

Be honest, genuine, and considerate to others.

How to Be Consistent

Consistency is only possible when you put your mind into being so. Are you ready?

A. Put your mind to it.

Consistency is like building a habit. Usually, when we build habits its because that’s what we’ve trained ourselves to do, repeatedly. So simply, if you want to be more consistent in life, put your mind to do it. There’s no one that can teach you to be consistent, other than yourself. 

Start with consistency, finish with consistency. 

B. Understand consistency.

Consistency not only helps you trust yourself, but trust from others too. Others will feel that you’re responsible and reliable. Challenge yourself to grow by increasing your consistency–in personal and professional aspects. Arrive early to work. Iron your clothes the day prior to work. Carry consistent conversations with your partner, friends and others. Consistency is only difficult when you’re not dedicated to being so. Now, is your time to change that.

C. Find what works for you.

Your life may be plain simple, or chaotic and busy (like mine) but there is one method that can work for anyone: Make a schedule. This may seem robotic, but it’s not. Put your schedule on paper and start implementing the schedule into your life. You can adjust your schedule as your day goes on. Then eventually, the schedule will become natural to you!

Even if making a schedule isn’t for you, find what does work for you. Our lives vary, so do what can best help you be consistent.

D. Stay motivated.

Being consistent has its challenges, yet its possible for you to achieve. Just imagine what more you can have by being consistent. It’s worth the sweat and tears, just get it done.

“I pray to be like the ocean, with soft currents, maybe waves at times. More and more, I want the consistency rather than the highs and the lows.”  – Drew Barrymore

How to Meet your Goals

Meeting your goals are important to your personal and professional success. Here are a few tips, to help you reach your highest potential.

A. Know what your goals are.

The SMART acronym is a process for setting goals, which were defined by Paul J. Meyer. Each letter in the process represents a characteristic. The “S” implies for you to set a specific (simple, significant, sensible) goal. 

​Example: To finish my biology essay before Friday.

B. Set yourself a deadline.

There is always purpose in the goals that you set. Not only should your goals be specific, but meaningful and motivating. 

Example: To finish my biology essay before Friday, so I can complete my degree. The measure/deadline is Friday. 

C. Measure your goals up.

It’s potent that your goals are attainable, to avoid any missteps. This means, don’t get ahead of yourself. Take one step at a time, and set new goals as you accomplish current goals.

Good example: I want to jog every Monday at 6 pm. 
Bad example: I want to get better at communicating. 

D. Be specific and accountable.

This step can be confused with ensuring that your goals are achievable, but it’s not related. Ensuring that your goals are relevant means that it fits your current needs. 

Bad example: To be the Director of Operations at my employer. 
Good example: To complete operation management training in three months. 

Remember, stay in the moment. Goals are steps that help you get to the place that you want to be. Simply put, you cannot become President, if you don’t win elections. The goal would be to win elections, so that you can become President. However, good luck in achieving your goals. I know you can do it. 

Written by Keandre Curry.

Take America Back, Corona is Real, Upgrade Your Playlist

This post covers the political consequences of electing Donald Trump as President of the US, how serious the Coronavirus is, and how new music is connecting us while we quarantine.

Take America Back (From Trump)

Elected in 2016 as U.S President, Donald Trump has caused headaches for the people that voted for him. Arrogant in personality, Trump has failed his own political party with his atrocious response to the Black Lives Movement, Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Russia. It seems that the President hasn’t realized he’s no longer on a reality show; as thousands of lives have been lost due to his aggressive tactics against protestors, lack of leadership to ensure there is a vaccination for COVID-19, and weakness in his relations with Russia. To the people who voted for “Take America Back”, you actually did take America back to some of its worst times of racial tensions and economic hardship. Our nation progressed under Obama, that’s the America we need back.

Coronavirus is Real

As of today’s statistics , there are over 159,000 deaths in the United States and 701,000 deaths Worldwide. So, not only is the Coronavirus novel, it’s the real deal that you don’t want to be infected with. Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is an infectious virus that attacks your lungs and has been known to hospitalize people with pre-existing conditions. At first, the virus only seemed to infect elderly people, but now the virus is sickening everyone it touches. As a survivor of mild coronavirus, I can attest that this virus is real and infectious. It’s not a virus that you want to fight, especially not alone. In urgency, wear your mask and take all precautions.

Upgrade Your Playlist

During times like this, new music is a blessing to our ears. From new albums from the likes of City Girls (City on Lock) and Taylor Swift (Folklore), it’s time to upgrade our playlist. Stay updated for upcoming albums by your favorite artists on Billboard. After all, we’re in this quarantine together by sharing love, support and music!

Written by Keandre’ Curry, Author.

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